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CI/CD redefined

Containerized, reproducible and restartable Runs

Execute your runs in a reproducible containerized environment. Restart them from start or from failed task

Advanced workflows (matrix builds, fan-in, fan-out, multi arch etc...)

Implement every kind of workflow you want from simple builds to complex deployments.

Multiple git sources integrations

GitHub, GitLab, Gitea, custom Git repositories (and more to come)

Multiple execution platforms

Execute you tasks inside a Kubernetes cluster, local docker etc...

Testable Runs

Keep the same Runs definition but use different variables values based on rules to test your runs on multiple environments.

Enhance and leverage your git workflow

Runs definitions are committed inside your git repositories and triggered upon push/tag/pull request.

Users Direct Runs

Execute user runs from your local git repository on agola with just one command (also without the need to commit/push)